Virtual Reality

What is this virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a created environment which does not necessarily exist in the physical. It is a simulation of what is real in life. It is somewhere you can only visit or be part of with the help of technology.

How can one be part of this virtual environment?

The simplest example of this virtual environment is when one watches a 3D television. Without the help of some goggles, one can see nothing but blurred images on the screen. However, with the goggles, one can see crisp clear images as if they are live. There are different types of goggles that can take you to the virtual world. It may be to play video games or just entertainment. Some of these goggles like Samsung gear and Google day dream can be used to turn even a smart phone into a virtual world while playing games. Other goggles used in games for instance Sony VR Playstation may need a screen for one to play 3D games.

Is it only in computer games that this virtual world comes to life?

Virtual reality is very common in the video games. However, there are also other areas where Virtual reality is put to use. Some devices used to capture the Virtual Reality for instance, goggles may need a screen or a phone for one to experience a game virtually. There are some goggles which come with other gadgets that turn a room into a virtual world. HTC vive stream is an example. Once connected to the internet it turns a room into a 10 square feet cube and allows you to move in it. This is still a game.

The virtual reality is used in training and photography. Trainee pilots are usually taken through their first ‘practical lessons’ through simulated realities. The cockpits they get into have all the buttons needed but it is more like the video games played with goggles because they don’t move, it only an illusion of movement. Drones can also be flown and made to take photos from the air. Some of the drones like the Ghostdrone allow the pilot to control the angle of the camera on the drone through the use of VR goggles. A little tilt of the head with the head set on will turn the camera in the angle of the head tilt.

Virtual reality may provide an assistant to help one keep schedules, do tasks in the house like turning on the radio and TV and even answer questions, in short, be a companion. This is what is called a virtual assistant. Alexas, Google home and Siri are some known virtual assistants. They can give directions, play music and remind one of what he or she is set to do. They work differently and have different operating systems but they all fall in the same category of virtual assistants. It makes life quite easy and puts convenience, order and organization in the hands of the person using the service.

The virtual world can also be used to store data via the internet. This data, mostly for businesses, is stored, analyzed and processed so that the business proprietor saves on the infrastructure he would have put up to do all those tasks. It is one of the most secure storage facilities offered by Microsoft as it updates the security features while at the same time enabling easy access to the information for the business owners and at very affordable prices. It puts the owner in total control of his data.This is what is commonly referred to as cloud computing. This is a very convenient and cost effective way of running a business.

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