Social Media is Changing How Business Works

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Social media has become something that businesses need to use if they want stay competitive. But managing social media can be tricky. Businesses always need to be sure that they aren’t risking the wrath of the Internet. Using social media effectively can make a business incredibly successful. Using it incorrectly can mean total failure for a business.

That’s because social media has gone far beyond people talking to friends and family. Businesses now need to have a social media presence and be actively engaging with their customers. People expect a business to have social media accounts and use them. If a business doesn’t have a social media presence customers wonder why.

Enhanced Customer Service

These days consumers don’t have the time or the patience to sit on hold for long periods of time waiting to talk to a customer service representative. If they have a problem or a question they want answers immediately. And more and more businesses are meeting that need by offering customer service through social media.

On Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms customer support representatives talk one on one with customers to solve their problems and answer their questions. Offering social media customer support can be a huge boost for a business. Customer love being able to get answers quickly and across a wide variety of platforms. Using chat and direct messages customers can connect with a business on a desktop, phone or tablet at any time of the day.

That kind of attention to customers can take a business to a whole new level of success. As an example look at pet food supplier Competing with well-known and established brands like Petco and Petsmart knew it had to deliver the best customer service for pet owners. So built a very active and inclusive social media presence. Customers can connect to a representative in minutes on Twitter or Facebook and get their problems solved.

And thanks to that kind of forward thinking is quickly becoming a power player in the pet care industry.

New Marketing Approaches

Businesses have also had to change their marketing approach to fit the social media dynamic. Effective social media marketing means really building a community. Sharing information, creating fun graphics, and starting a dialog with customers is the best way to use social media to market products. The worst way to use social media to market products is to spam people’s newsfeeds with hard sells and product photos.

According to digital marketing experts businesses should never post product pitches or photos more than once in every ten things that they post. The means that businesses need to focus on the quality of the content that they are sharing and not just constantly promote their brand or product.

Businesses who manage to walk the line between good marketing and spam can find a huge pool of consumers who will stay loyal to the brand or product. But it’s important to have someone well trained handling the business social media accounts.

If the business comes across as uncaring, snarky, or belligerent because of the posts of the social media manager it will end up losing customers instead of attracting them. Many companies now have strict training that anyone who wants access to the company’s social media accounts must pass in order to be allowed to work on the company’s official social media.

Businesses who refuse to jump on the social media band wagon are losing out. Experts say that more than 60% of people check a company’s social media accounts before doing business with that company. Having a strong social media presence is essential for a business these days.

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