What You Need to Know about Social Media Dangers on the Rise for Teens

What You Need to Know about Social Media Dangers on the Rise for Teens.jpg

Teenagers are known for doing all sorts of things on social media, but some of their actions are considered inappropriate and cause for immediate concern.  If boundaries are not established it can be too late to reverse damage caused by engaging in appropriate activity online.  With online predators, sexting, and identity theft on the rise among young people teens shouldn’t take any chances and neither should their parents.  Parents need to know dangers facing today’s teens to encourage responsible social media use. Here is what teens are doing on a daily basis.

Regrettable Photos and Videos Shared

Teens like to have fun which is understandable, but what happens when engaged in activity that ends up on social media? Sometimes teens don’t think about consequences of engaging in something such as hanging out a party or being somewhere they shouldn’t be thinking they won’t get caught.  If someone takes a picture and posts it online would you be okay with the contents? Sometimes pics are posted for attention.  But a mother or grandmother wouldn’t want to see a picture of their child making out, drinking, smoking, or engaged in sexting.

Dangerous Attempts to Go Viral

Again, teens can do things just for attention including creating a video or doing an action to go viral on the internet.  Many times such attempts require doing something stupid or something risking injury or worse.  Teens may not think about the consequences of such attempts and in many cases their peers or parents are not aware they are trying to achieve such a feat.  Trying to be the next internet sensation isn’t worth it and it isn’t something teens should focus on at this point in their life.

Showing Off Their Sexuality

During the teen years hormones go into overdrive.  Parents know this and try their best to keep their teens focused on what is important.  But there are teens who love to use their bodies as a form of manipulation when it comes to their peers and wanting attention. In short, they may dress inappropriately or where clothing considered oversexualized. Using social media to show off their developing bodies has gotten out of hand, especially when many think their parents have no idea about the photos they post.

Reality vs. Fantasy: Comparing Themselves to Others

Teens notice many things about themselves as they grow and develop.  Social media has a way of letting teens fabricate the truth about themselves. Some don’t like how they look or the life they live but use social media to make themselves look better to others. The idea of comparing themselves to others and thinking someone else has a better life can have a heavy toll on a person.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a teen feeling less worthy, depressed, and not wanting to embrace what they do have.  Furthermore, some lose track of their own true identity and get caught up living a lie trying to make things look more exciting just to be the talk among others.

Shaming or Embarrassing Others

Teens are known for harassing their peers in person in the form of bullying. Many continue the act online through cyberbullying. Teens do this for a number of reasons including insecurities and the fact that adults do the same thing. Sometimes it is not bullying but the fact they were in attendance of event that included an embarrassing moment for someone else.  They may decide to record it and post it further deepening another’s despair and enjoy it as a form of entertainment.  Such moments can later lead to remorse due lack of moral judgement.

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