How Mobile Phone Spy Apps Systems Work

When parents leave the kids behind, it is tough to know what they are doing. Over 80% of parents are always worried about their children especially when they are not at school. The smartphones have mainly brought a new form of threats because children are always an easy target for criminals. Therefore, investing in a mobile spy app allows you to stay one step ahead of the children to protect them from falling into dangers that loom everywhere. Even as you set out shopping for an app, do you really know how they work? This post outlines how mobile tracking systems work to help track and take control of the kid’s phone.

Selecting the preferred app and installing on target phone

Monitoring your children using a mobile app starts with the selection of the preferred spy app. Here, you need to look for a spy app that is compatible with the phone you want to spy. Once you have selected the right app, you have to jailbreak the phone, access the app online, download it and install. However, some apps only require the cell phone id to install without jail breaking the phone.
After installing the app on the child’s phone, you have to go to the app developer website and create an online account. The account will require a username and password to access in the same way you operate an email. All the data gathered from monitoring the child’s app is stored in your account so that you can access it in real time or even later. For example, the outgoing and incoming messages, call logs, and URL of all visited pages are added to the account.

The spy app dashboard

This is the main interaction section between you, the app and the target phone. You can access the dashboard from any device with internet connection. It allows you to configure the account and follow a specific aspect of the child’s phone. For example, you can download the call log reports, trace cell phone location, text message reports, videos, and photos stored on the child’s phone.
The dashboard also allows you to take control of the phone being monitored. Just like the person holding the phone literally, you can do anything. For example, you can blacklist numbers that you do not want to call anymore, delete images, or even deny access. Depending on the software you have selected, it is usually very difficult for the kid to reverse an action. For example, if you block a certain website page, it is denied access completely unless you want to reverse the action from the app.
The dashboard also provides the user with additional features for management. You can manage the payments, follow support, and make inquiries to optimize the app utilization.

How the app controls the target mobile phone

The apps are designed with sophisticated technologies that are similar to the operating systems of the phones. However, they have superior capabilities that take control of the phone whenever you make a command. Using intelligent technologies, the internet, and GPS, the apps can get information on the phone. For example, the parent can use the app to take photos, activate microphone, and even delete files without the child realizing it. You can also use the cell phone locator free to know where the child is or recover the phone.

Compatibility and the internet access

For the app to work, you must confirm that it is compatible with the target phone. Most apps are designed to operate on a few operating systems. Notably, many spy app developers concentrate on Android and iOS phones because they are the majority in circulation. You should, therefore, confirm the support and even pre-test to avoid buying an app that cannot work on your devices. For example, iPhone spy app free will work only on iOS operating system.

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