How To Get Higher Value From A Smartphone Contract

Phone contracts have become the ultimate method of acquiring the latest designs in the market. For many people, putting together about $800 to purchase a phone can take a lot of time. Because phone contracts allow buyers to pay for the phones throughout the contract period, one can be sure of walking with the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone or other top models with as low as 50$-100$ every month. This is easy, fast, and gives every person a chance to own the latest model.
While checking on the best contract to pick, the buyer should be focused on getting the best value from the deal. Here are four main tips on getting the best value from any contract.

Negotiate for a better deal

Though phone companies post their deals online and through vendors, there is always a significant room for negotiations. Once a contract has been selected, it is crucial to negotiate to have the price revised downwards. Check with a couple of phone companies to see how the contract varies and use the information as a lever for negotiation. Note that it is important to demonstrate the willingness to walk away in any negotiation. Because of the top notch competition experienced in the smartphone market today, the dealer will provide you with a different offer to win your back.

Ensure only to get into the right tariffs

The packaging of phone contracts is targeted at encouraging clients to spend more time talking, texting and using the internet. However, the offers are meant to trick the buyer into getting into the most expensive tariffs and paying more. To get more from the deal, it is important to review the personal need for data, sms and data so that only the right tariff or selected. For example, if you talk for about 10 minutes and send 10 texts daily, any tariff that offers more than 300 sms and 300 minutes of talk time should be declined.

Consider short period contracts

In many cases, phone buyers see the amount they have to pay over a period of 24 months and see it be very small. However, take a closer look at the total amount and will be surprised to realize that the phone costs 3-4 times compared to acquiring it in cash. However, you can keep the cost low by committing to clear the balance in a shorter period. Instead of taking 24 months, why not clear the cost in 12 months and you will pay 50% less.

Compare the phones

Though many smartphones have been released into the market, some might be very expensive because of features you do not need. For example, if you are not a fun of taking a lot of images or even selfies, iPhone-6 contract will be okay as opposed to iPhone 7. The target is focusing on why you need the smartphone and comparing several designs that will help to accomplish the role appropriately.

Focus on the phone lifespan and warranty

You can only be assured of longer lifespan if the phone of choice is designed to last. The chassis, screen, battery, and other parts must be designed from top materials and destined to last. Besides, the phone should come with a long warranty to ensure that the phone company is committed to high quality. With a long warranty, the buyer is free to use the phone and test every feature without worrying about damage because the seller is obligated to repair/replace the phone.


While most of the phone contracts appear very attractive, buyers have to be extra careful to get more value. The user should particularly be emphatic on the tariffs and charges because they will determine the overall spending at any moment.

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