Social Media is Changing How Business Works

Social media has become something that businesses need to use if they want stay competitive. But managing social media can be tricky. Businesses always need to be sure that they aren’t risking the wrath of the Internet. Using social media effectively can make a business incredibly successful. Using it incorrectly can mean total failure for a business.

That’s because social media has gone far beyond people talking to friends and family. Businesses now need to have a social media presence and be actively engaging with their customers. People expect a business to have social media accounts and use them. If a business doesn’t have a social media presence customers wonder why.

Enhanced Customer Service

These days consumers don’t have the time or the patience to sit on hold for long periods of time waiting to talk to a customer service representative. If they have a problem or a question they want answers immediately. And more and more businesses are meeting that need by offering customer service through social media.

On Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms customer support representatives talk one on one with customers to solve their problems and answer their questions. Offering social media customer support can be a huge boost for a business. Customer love being able to get answers quickly and across a wide variety of platforms. Using chat and direct messages customers can connect with a business on a desktop, phone or tablet at any time of the day.

That kind of attention to customers can take a business to a whole new level of success. As an example look at pet food supplier Competing with well-known and established brands like Petco and Petsmart knew it had to deliver the best customer service for pet owners. So built a very active and inclusive social media presence. Customers can connect to a representative in minutes on Twitter or Facebook and get their problems solved.

And thanks to that kind of forward thinking is quickly becoming a power player in the pet care industry.

New Marketing Approaches

Businesses have also had to change their marketing approach to fit the social media dynamic. Effective social media marketing means really building a community. Sharing information, creating fun graphics, and starting a dialog with customers is the best way to use social media to market products. The worst way to use social media to market products is to spam people’s newsfeeds with hard sells and product photos.

According to digital marketing experts businesses should never post product pitches or photos more than once in every ten things that they post. The means that businesses need to focus on the quality of the content that they are sharing and not just constantly promote their brand or product.

Businesses who manage to walk the line between good marketing and spam can find a huge pool of consumers who will stay loyal to the brand or product. But it’s important to have someone well trained handling the business social media accounts.

If the business comes across as uncaring, snarky, or belligerent because of the posts of the social media manager it will end up losing customers instead of attracting them. Many companies now have strict training that anyone who wants access to the company’s social media accounts must pass in order to be allowed to work on the company’s official social media.

Businesses who refuse to jump on the social media band wagon are losing out. Experts say that more than 60% of people check a company’s social media accounts before doing business with that company. Having a strong social media presence is essential for a business these days.

Make sure twitter followers are legit by doing a background check.

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What You Need to Know about Social Media Dangers on the Rise for Teens

Teenagers are known for doing all sorts of things on social media, but some of their actions are considered inappropriate and cause for immediate concern.  If boundaries are not established it can be too late to reverse damage caused by engaging in appropriate activity online.  With online predators, sexting, and identity theft on the rise among young people teens shouldn’t take any chances and neither should their parents.  Parents need to know dangers facing today’s teens to encourage responsible social media use. Here is what teens are doing on a daily basis.

Regrettable Photos and Videos Shared

Teens like to have fun which is understandable, but what happens when engaged in activity that ends up on social media? Sometimes teens don’t think about consequences of engaging in something such as hanging out a party or being somewhere they shouldn’t be thinking they won’t get caught.  If someone takes a picture and posts it online would you be okay with the contents? Sometimes pics are posted for attention.  But a mother or grandmother wouldn’t want to see a picture of their child making out, drinking, smoking, or engaged in sexting.

Dangerous Attempts to Go Viral

Again, teens can do things just for attention including creating a video or doing an action to go viral on the internet.  Many times such attempts require doing something stupid or something risking injury or worse.  Teens may not think about the consequences of such attempts and in many cases their peers or parents are not aware they are trying to achieve such a feat.  Trying to be the next internet sensation isn’t worth it and it isn’t something teens should focus on at this point in their life.

Showing Off Their Sexuality

During the teen years hormones go into overdrive.  Parents know this and try their best to keep their teens focused on what is important.  But there are teens who love to use their bodies as a form of manipulation when it comes to their peers and wanting attention. In short, they may dress inappropriately or where clothing considered oversexualized. Using social media to show off their developing bodies has gotten out of hand, especially when many think their parents have no idea about the photos they post.

Reality vs. Fantasy: Comparing Themselves to Others

Teens notice many things about themselves as they grow and develop.  Social media has a way of letting teens fabricate the truth about themselves. Some don’t like how they look or the life they live but use social media to make themselves look better to others. The idea of comparing themselves to others and thinking someone else has a better life can have a heavy toll on a person.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a teen feeling less worthy, depressed, and not wanting to embrace what they do have.  Furthermore, some lose track of their own true identity and get caught up living a lie trying to make things look more exciting just to be the talk among others.

Shaming or Embarrassing Others

Teens are known for harassing their peers in person in the form of bullying. Many continue the act online through cyberbullying. Teens do this for a number of reasons including insecurities and the fact that adults do the same thing. Sometimes it is not bullying but the fact they were in attendance of event that included an embarrassing moment for someone else.  They may decide to record it and post it further deepening another’s despair and enjoy it as a form of entertainment.  Such moments can later lead to remorse due lack of moral judgement.

Keep your teens safe on social media by doing a background check on the social media friends!

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How Social Media Impacts Youth

With social media being a regular part of life for most, it can have a devastating impact on youth. Social media can cause depression, issues with body image, cyber bullying, sexting and a long-lasting digital footprint.


Being accepted by others can be hard enough for some adolescents. Adding social media into the mix can make it that much harder. Most people have hundreds of friends online, requiring much more from those seeking acceptance.

Depression caused by social media can influence people to become more isolated or socially inept. At such a crucial time in their lives, adolescents are much more susceptible to depression, which can be caused by a number of things online.

Body Image

People on social media are introduced to a large number of advertisements each day. This can cause body image issues for both boys and girls. Seeing so many different advertisements full of models with the “perfect body” can make people feel less about themselves and their image.

Advertisements aren’t the only issue when it comes to body image on social media. Seeing friends get more likes for photos that show more skin, more muscles or that feature a more attractive person can have a lasting impact. It can cause people to think that they have look a certain way and change their body to be appreciated. They can think that if they are not as attractive as someone else, that nobody is going to like them. These body image issues can lead to things like eating disorders, self-harm, self-esteem problems and even suicide.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is when someone is being harassed, just like regular bullying, but online. This happens quite often on social media because it makes it much easier for bullies to have the confidence to act a certain way online than it is in person.

Sometimes, cyber bullying can be easy for its victims to ignore. It is easy to block someone or to simply turn off the phone or computer. Although cyber bullying may not be as impactful as it would be if it were done in person, it still can have lasting consequences. It can lead to depression, anxiety and even suicide.


Sexting is when people communicate via texting, emails or online chat in a sexual nature. This is becoming more and more popular with youth because it is easy to hide from their parents and others.

Sexting can have lasting consequences. Once a nude photo or video is sent, there is a good chance that it will be online for good. It is very hard for someone to take back what he or she put online. Sexting can leave a lasting digital footprint for all to see.

Digital Footprint

Privacy should be an important concern to everyone online. Because it is so easy for information to get into the wrong hands, it is important to be careful what you put online. This can be hard for young people to understand or to remember. The sites they visit or the information they put online can leave a digital footprint that can last forever.

It is easy to lookup people online and to learn information about them. Having a digital footprint can make it easy for marketers, future employers, future schools, hackers and even sex offenders to target people.

Educating And Prevention

Teaching your children the proper precautions to take is an important step that all parents should take. Make them aware of the dangers online, especially when it comes to social media. Make sure to follow up with them and to keep an open conversation. Prevention and education is key to having a safe online experience.

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Top Books To Read for Free on Amazon Prime

Whether you love music, movies, TV, or reading, Amazon Prime offers something for everyone. In this case, we are going to look at the top books available on Amazon Prime to read for free. Don’t worry, we will covering every genre from mystery to fantasy.

Mystery: A Quiet Life in the Country by T E Kinsey

Murder, mystery, and a lady detective. Who could ask for more! The book centers around Lady Emily Hardcastle and her martial arts expert/maid Flo. While trying to retreat from busy London in early 1900s countryside, there’s a murder!!! Hardcastle investigates the murder herself, leading to rivalries, resentment, and secrets. Clearly, life in the country is no quieter than in the city.

Science Fiction & Fantasy: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

You can’t have a list of books without including Harry Potter! You can read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for free on Amazon Prime. If you want to read the whole series, it’s available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Unless you have been hiding under a rock, we all know the story of Harry Potter. If you don’t, it’s is about a young boy, Harry Potter, who lives with his horrible Aunt and Uncle in the cupboard under the stairs. On his eleventh birthday, it is revealed to him that he is a wizard. From then on, Harry’s journey in the mystical world begins and his life is never the same.

Romance: It’s In His Heart by Shelly Alexander

If you want to read a romance novel full of heat, tension, and drama, It’s In His Heart is perfect! This is the first book in the It’s In His… series written by Shelly Alexander. The book centers around book writer, Ella Dennings. She recently lost her husband, Bradley, and decided to retreat her Red River valley cabin. However, what does she find upon her arrival? Her husband’s sexy best friend, Cooper, who has nowhere to live after having to sell his home. Ella can’t stand him but learns to coexist with him as she mourns and writes her novel. However, living in close proximity, is an attraction starting? You will have to read to find out!

Young Adult: Magic Born by Caethes Faron

Amazon Prime is full of great Young Adult novels to read. It follows the story of college student, Kat, who recently lost her parents. She seeks comfort in the online game, Wizards and Fae. However, after the arrival of an amber necklace, she soon realizes that the world of Wizards and Fae is real and that she has powers. All while learning her abilities, she is on the run from someone wanting to steal the necklace. This Young Adult book is different since it’s more of a modern-day fantasy book instead of one about a dystopian future like most these days.

Historical Fiction: The Midwife’s Revolt by Jodi Daynard

This book is great for historical buffs! Taking place in 1775 Charlestown, Lizzie Boylston finds out her husband has been killed in battle and finds herself healing with the help of Abigail Adams. They become healers for other widows which unravels to political plots against the Adams family. This not only impacts their lives, but the birth of a new nation.

Children: Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja by Marcus Emerson

Amazon Prime is not just great for adults, but kids as well! Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja is about a young, scrawny kid, Chase, who is recruited to become a Ninja. He wrote this diary to tell other kids about what it’s like being a Ninja and the dangers that come with it.

So, whatever genre most appeals to you, clearly Amazon Prime has everything you could want. Not convinced? Try a 30 day trial! Next time you have free time, try binge reading on Prime instead of binge watching tv! You will not regret it! Happy reading!

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How Mobile Phone Spy Apps Systems Work

When parents leave the kids behind, it is tough to know what they are doing. Over 80% of parents are always worried about their children especially when they are not at school. The smartphones have mainly brought a new form of threats because children are always an easy target for criminals. Therefore, investing in a mobile spy app allows you to stay one step ahead of the children to protect them from falling into dangers that loom everywhere. Even as you set out shopping for an app, do you really know how they work? This post outlines how mobile tracking systems work to help track and take control of the kid’s phone.

Selecting the preferred app and installing on target phone

Monitoring your children using a mobile app starts with the selection of the preferred spy app. Here, you need to look for a spy app that is compatible with the phone you want to spy. Once you have selected the right app, you have to jailbreak the phone, access the app online, download it and install. However, some apps only require the cell phone id to install without jail breaking the phone.
After installing the app on the child’s phone, you have to go to the app developer website and create an online account. The account will require a username and password to access in the same way you operate an email. All the data gathered from monitoring the child’s app is stored in your account so that you can access it in real time or even later. For example, the outgoing and incoming messages, call logs, and URL of all visited pages are added to the account.

The spy app dashboard

This is the main interaction section between you, the app and the target phone. You can access the dashboard from any device with internet connection. It allows you to configure the account and follow a specific aspect of the child’s phone. For example, you can download the call log reports, trace cell phone location, text message reports, videos, and photos stored on the child’s phone.
The dashboard also allows you to take control of the phone being monitored. Just like the person holding the phone literally, you can do anything. For example, you can blacklist numbers that you do not want to call anymore, delete images, or even deny access. Depending on the software you have selected, it is usually very difficult for the kid to reverse an action. For example, if you block a certain website page, it is denied access completely unless you want to reverse the action from the app.
The dashboard also provides the user with additional features for management. You can manage the payments, follow support, and make inquiries to optimize the app utilization.

How the app controls the target mobile phone

The apps are designed with sophisticated technologies that are similar to the operating systems of the phones. However, they have superior capabilities that take control of the phone whenever you make a command. Using intelligent technologies, the internet, and GPS, the apps can get information on the phone. For example, the parent can use the app to take photos, activate microphone, and even delete files without the child realizing it. You can also use the cell phone locator free to know where the child is or recover the phone.

Compatibility and the internet access

For the app to work, you must confirm that it is compatible with the target phone. Most apps are designed to operate on a few operating systems. Notably, many spy app developers concentrate on Android and iOS phones because they are the majority in circulation. You should, therefore, confirm the support and even pre-test to avoid buying an app that cannot work on your devices. For example, iPhone spy app free will work only on iOS operating system.

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How To Get Higher Value From A Smartphone Contract

Phone contracts have become the ultimate method of acquiring the latest designs in the market. For many people, putting together about $800 to purchase a phone can take a lot of time. Because phone contracts allow buyers to pay for the phones throughout the contract period, one can be sure of walking with the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone or other top models with as low as 50$-100$ every month. This is easy, fast, and gives every person a chance to own the latest model.
While checking on the best contract to pick, the buyer should be focused on getting the best value from the deal. Here are four main tips on getting the best value from any contract.

Negotiate for a better deal

Though phone companies post their deals online and through vendors, there is always a significant room for negotiations. Once a contract has been selected, it is crucial to negotiate to have the price revised downwards. Check with a couple of phone companies to see how the contract varies and use the information as a lever for negotiation. Note that it is important to demonstrate the willingness to walk away in any negotiation. Because of the top notch competition experienced in the smartphone market today, the dealer will provide you with a different offer to win your back.

Ensure only to get into the right tariffs

The packaging of phone contracts is targeted at encouraging clients to spend more time talking, texting and using the internet. However, the offers are meant to trick the buyer into getting into the most expensive tariffs and paying more. To get more from the deal, it is important to review the personal need for data, sms and data so that only the right tariff or selected. For example, if you talk for about 10 minutes and send 10 texts daily, any tariff that offers more than 300 sms and 300 minutes of talk time should be declined.

Consider short period contracts

In many cases, phone buyers see the amount they have to pay over a period of 24 months and see it be very small. However, take a closer look at the total amount and will be surprised to realize that the phone costs 3-4 times compared to acquiring it in cash. However, you can keep the cost low by committing to clear the balance in a shorter period. Instead of taking 24 months, why not clear the cost in 12 months and you will pay 50% less.

Compare the phones

Though many smartphones have been released into the market, some might be very expensive because of features you do not need. For example, if you are not a fun of taking a lot of images or even selfies, iPhone-6 contract will be okay as opposed to iPhone 7. The target is focusing on why you need the smartphone and comparing several designs that will help to accomplish the role appropriately.

Focus on the phone lifespan and warranty

You can only be assured of longer lifespan if the phone of choice is designed to last. The chassis, screen, battery, and other parts must be designed from top materials and destined to last. Besides, the phone should come with a long warranty to ensure that the phone company is committed to high quality. With a long warranty, the buyer is free to use the phone and test every feature without worrying about damage because the seller is obligated to repair/replace the phone.


While most of the phone contracts appear very attractive, buyers have to be extra careful to get more value. The user should particularly be emphatic on the tariffs and charges because they will determine the overall spending at any moment.

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Virtual Reality

What is this virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a created environment which does not necessarily exist in the physical. It is a simulation of what is real in life. It is somewhere you can only visit or be part of with the help of technology.

How can one be part of this virtual environment?

The simplest example of this virtual environment is when one watches a 3D television. Without the help of some goggles, one can see nothing but blurred images on the screen. However, with the goggles, one can see crisp clear images as if they are live. There are different types of goggles that can take you to the virtual world. It may be to play video games or just entertainment. Some of these goggles like Samsung gear and Google day dream can be used to turn even a smart phone into a virtual world while playing games. Other goggles used in games for instance Sony VR Playstation may need a screen for one to play 3D games.

Is it only in computer games that this virtual world comes to life?

Virtual reality is very common in the video games. However, there are also other areas where Virtual reality is put to use. Some devices used to capture the Virtual Reality for instance, goggles may need a screen or a phone for one to experience a game virtually. There are some goggles which come with other gadgets that turn a room into a virtual world. HTC vive stream is an example. Once connected to the internet it turns a room into a 10 square feet cube and allows you to move in it. This is still a game.

The virtual reality is used in training and photography. Trainee pilots are usually taken through their first ‘practical lessons’ through simulated realities. The cockpits they get into have all the buttons needed but it is more like the video games played with goggles because they don’t move, it only an illusion of movement. Drones can also be flown and made to take photos from the air. Some of the drones like the Ghostdrone allow the pilot to control the angle of the camera on the drone through the use of VR goggles. A little tilt of the head with the head set on will turn the camera in the angle of the head tilt.

Virtual reality may provide an assistant to help one keep schedules, do tasks in the house like turning on the radio and TV and even answer questions, in short, be a companion. This is what is called a virtual assistant. Alexas, Google home and Siri are some known virtual assistants. They can give directions, play music and remind one of what he or she is set to do. They work differently and have different operating systems but they all fall in the same category of virtual assistants. It makes life quite easy and puts convenience, order and organization in the hands of the person using the service.

The virtual world can also be used to store data via the internet. This data, mostly for businesses, is stored, analyzed and processed so that the business proprietor saves on the infrastructure he would have put up to do all those tasks. It is one of the most secure storage facilities offered by Microsoft as it updates the security features while at the same time enabling easy access to the information for the business owners and at very affordable prices. It puts the owner in total control of his data.This is what is commonly referred to as cloud computing. This is a very convenient and cost effective way of running a business.

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Negative Side of Technology

Technology has made life better in many ways. Services are delivered faster, communication is faster, reliable and quite comprehensive for instance the use of the video call; and machines and gadgets can do much more in terms of the tasks. In itself, the innovations are made to make life even better but it is in the use and application of technology that its ugly head rears. The society and the way people and groups relate has had a major influence with advent in technology.

There are some internet users who have become victims of cyber bullying, some with grave consequences. The seemingly harmless acts of chatting on the social media platforms transformed into nightmares for some people especially the youth. Some have ended up committing suicide as a way of escape.

Cameras have evolved both in make and use. They are very important these days when talking of security through the CCTV cameras. Also, they help capture and store precious memories for many and some used in journalism. However, some naughty people are using them for spying. As they are becoming smaller and smaller but even more complex, some people are using them to spy on others and sometimes post some of the dirty images and videos online. The aims of such behavior may range from pure malice with intention to embarrass someone to blackmail with the aim of extorting money from the victims. These have had an impact on families and even nations exposed to such information or images. Some of the images are posted on pornographic sites for whatever reason.

Improper use of electronic gadgets for instance has been instrumental in the many fatal accidents on our roads especially by the younger people. Many people these days can be seen texting or checking updates on their social media sites while they are driving. This is a very dangerous practice as it temporarily distracts the driver from the road and in so doing reduces his/ her concentration. In case of an emergency, the reaction may either be late or, worse, unexpected. Instead of slowing down for instance, one may even accelerate. Also, the pedestrians can be victims to similar accidents only that they may be distracted while crossing the roads and texting, calling or checking social media updates causing serious accidents. It is the control by the people that is needed but the blame is usually put on technology.

With advent in technology, it has become easier to unfairly monitor someone through his phone or online activities. This is a different way of spying where you want to know what someone is up to and doing through following him on his phone. This is usually a result of hacking the phone or using mobile device spy ware. One gets access to all calls, texts, emails and any other activity of the targeted phone. This may be with an intention of doing harm to the person or simply being naughty. In most cases, the person monitored may not have any idea. But once hacked, his privacy is lost and he is left exposed-so to speak.

As already stated, it may not be technology to be blamed in its entirety, but how humans decide to use it that brings out the negative side. The use of technology if not carefully thought about may bring serious consequences that aim at injury instead of bringing the benefits that accrue from such advancements in human life. It is therefore prudent that users should proceed with a lot of caution so as to benefit from the positive effects of technology and not the negatives as they are numerous.

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Embracing the Consumers Electronic Components

The old golden days of going to a cyber are over and almost everyone can access a laptop and performed that which could have been done in a cyber with the laptop.  Laptops are very important items in a person’s life. Every person who is in search of knowledge in one way or another is in need of laptop.  The profession does not limit the need of a laptop, doctors, lawyers, farmers, teachers, entrepreneurs all need it.  With a laptop, you can carry all the books that you need.  The question comes; can every laptop do the same thing?  What can be expected in the best laptop?  These are truly very important questions to ask ourselves because at rear case do a person wants to spend money on what will not give the best.  What make people are less compared to their purchasing price is lack of knowledge not every big watermelon in the market is ripe.

The most important thing about the laptop is the component.  Individuals should mind the components.  When purchasing laptops.  It is very relevant that you look into the components that the laptop comes with.  These includes; processer, hard drive, RAM, ROM among others.  It is very necessary that you give a check on the CPU that is the main controller of your computer (the brains). For example if one is looking for a mainstream laptop that has the best combination of performance and price.

When talking about the components, we cannot forget to mention the Dell XPS.  Looking at the design, the Dell still has the previous version with the features of the current XPS. Still the carbon fiber is between the brushed metal on the top and bottom.  These two materials create a modern feeling on the device .The two-toned look make it look classy and attractive.  The dell manufacturer has also brought out the attention to details that best appears at the bottom that covers up the major works done inside.  It is also designed to provide infinity display with which one is more attached to the device and even when one is watching a movie, it appears real and unique.  The footprint is also smaller due to the infinity display and the smaller lid.  The weight is less making it lighter than some of the notebooks.  The new Dell XPS has also come with the gold designed away from the normal colors. The XPS gold color brings life to the laptop industry.  The  gold edition comes with a touch screen.

Concerning the keyboard and the touch pad, the XPS has a keyboard that is backlit with two levels of lightings.  The feeling of the touch pad mouse makes it even better and unique.  It made in such a way that it offers a snap that satisfies every time people press down.  She is no need to worry about the key board because it is well built in to provide a desirable texture.  The touch screen display is a sight to praise.  The XPS screen gives a wider viewing angle, better brightness and color and a full HD version.  The XPS device supports the USB type C cables because of the presence of the thunderbolt .The Type C has the ability to transfer the data of up to 40 GB that is very large and an output video to 4K display.

Therefore, before getting involved with any form of purchases, it is just right that you look into the components of the product.  The Dell XPS is just an example of the devices that emphasize on the components. Many more devices have fantastic components.